FINALLY, the Ideal Conditions for Writing/ Making Art

What I think are the ideal conditions for me to write/ make art:

  1. an environment I can control: a room with a door I can close
  2. uninterrupted time for at least 1 hour
  3. alone in the house
  4. not too much noise
  5. some natural light
  6. early morning, and I have already exercised, had coffee
  7. a desk that is long enough to hold my laptop, but also give me elbow room
  8. not too much clutter where I am sitting to write
  9. well rested
  10. not too emotionally charged from unresolved conflict
  11. feeling supported by my loved ones
  12. fed, hydrated, not in too much physical discomfort (no headache, back pain, not sick)
  13. I either don’t have access to the internet, or I am managing my internet addiction effectively. It’s just too easy to slide unconsciously into feeling that I haven’t read enough, don’t know enough, am not up to date enough on what is happening in theology, poetry, environmental justice, or the world of … the world. I tell myself “I just need to check this one thing,” which turns into hours/ spirals of self-loathing, new resolve, temptation, defeat, self-soothing with Netflix —
    25 minutes later…
    — just turned on an episode of Workin’ Moms before I even wrote Netflix there DAMMIT! You see, it’s best if I don’t have access, because then I don’t need to exercise restraint (willpower being a precious limited resource; it refreshes daily, but sometimes I use it all up just getting out of bed in the morning), so, of course, this is a difficult condition to create at home, although I am considering setting a Wi-Fi password that only my housemates know, which they put into the devices I need but not the laptop I use to write.
  14. not too many of other peoples’ books in my work space (similar issue as the internet addiction)
  15. no draft coming through the door, not too cold, not too hot
  16. Ideally, it’s a grey day. If the sun is out, I keep thinking how it’s sunny and lovely on the other side of the house, which faces South, while the room I work in faces North. Then I wonder: couldn’t I just work in the other room with earplugs in? For a little while, at least? I cart all of my things out there and have already set myself up by the time I realize — no, I can’t work here, I need to be back in the place where I can close the door.
  17. no dog lying around depressed not being walked in the other room
  18. no dog lying around depressed not being engaged in this room
  19. not too many unanswered emails/ letters calling my attention
  20. already emailed the feedback request for the workshop I facilitated day before yesterday — DAMMIT, I need to do that! Stand by —
    20 minutes later…
    — it was such a good workshop, with the staff from GCN. It really gives me a sense of purpose to work with my communities of accountability, in this case the LGBTQ+ community.
  21. I have a sense of purpose and know what I am doing and why I am doing it
  22. not too many windows open in my browser

The actual conditions I need to write/ make art:

  1. a room
  2. uninterrupted time for at least 1 hour